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Architect SEO: Tips, Benefits, and FAQ

When people need to find a architecture company, they turn to search engines to help them find the right one. With the architecture industry becoming more competitive, you need a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place to drive leads searching for architects. With SEO for architects, you can outperform your competition and drive qualified traffic to your website.

With SEO for architects, you can drive those leads to your website instead. By employing proven architect SEO strategies, you can help boost the quality of your traffic, which turns into leads more likely to hire your company.

Keep reading to get tips on how to do SEO for architects and learn why it should be part of your marketing strategy for architects!

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Watch the leads flow in with these SEO tips for architects

Ready to start driving leads for your architecture business? Here are five tips to get started with architecture digital marketing:

1. Focus on architecture-related keywords

If people search for architects on search engines like Google, they’re typing keywords into the search bar to find what they need. Optimizing your website for relevant, architecture-related keywords will help you attract traffic looking to hire a architect.

Let’s say someone has a architecture project. They’re likely to search terms like “architect [insert location]” or “architecture firm” If you offered architecture services, you’d want to optimize for these keywords to drive those searchers to your business.

You can easily find keywords by using a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or Keyword Tool to generate lists of terms. Focus on the keywords that contain three or more words, known as long-tail keywords, because they have a more specific intent than shorter keywords like “architect” or “architecture.”

types of architecture seo keywords

Once you’ve identified your keywords, you can integrate them into relevant pages to help your pages appear for those searches.

2. Optimize your title tag and meta description to generate more clicks

When someone searches for a architect in their area, they determine which listing to click on by looking at the title tag and meta description. Optimizing these tags will help you drive more qualified traffic for your business.

With title tags, you want to ensure you:

  • Put the keyword at the front of your title, so people know it’s relevant to their search
  • Keep your title tag within the 60-character limit
  • Avoid putting your titles in all caps or all lowercase

For meta descriptions, you can see success by:

  • Providing a summation of the page, so people know what to expect
  • Using your targeted architecture keyword in the text
  • Staying within the 155-character limit

Following these best practices for title tags and meta descriptions will help you drive more traffic with your architecture SEO strategy.

3. Optimize the technical aspects of your SEO

If you want to see success with SEO for architects, you must ensure the technical side of your SEO strategy is sound. Technical SEO involves all the optimizations done on the backend of your website to help it rank better in relevant architecture search results.

Here’s how to do technical SEO right:

  • Optimize your website to ensure it loads quickly and gets website visitors information fast about your architecture company
  • Identify and fix broken links that keep search engines from crawling your pages and indexing them in search results
  • Optimize your robots.txt file and sitemap to help Google crawl your website
  • Optimize your URLs to help search engines and users understand the context of your pages

Prioritizing technical SEO will ensure you deliver the best experience for people who visit your website to learn about your architecture services.

4. Create industry-related content

Part of optimizing your architecture company’s website is creating content that other sites will want to link to—a key part of building your online profile. This SEO tactic requires creating new content regularly. Google favors sites with regularly updated content and links from other websites.

Content creation strategies typically include:

  • Starting a blog on your website that covers various architecture topics
  • Creating videos about architecture and projects you’ve completed
  • Designing infographics that share helpful architecture information

If a potential customer finds a helpful piece of content you published online, they will be more likely to want to find out more about your architecture business.

5. Claim your Google Business Profile

When people conduct searches looking for a local architect, they often turn to the Google Business Profiles that appear in search results. This search feature showcases three or four businesses in the area, related to the user’s search.

As a local architect, claiming your Google Business Profile is a must, so you can drive these local leads to your business.

Here are some best practices for creating a top-notch Google Business Profile listing:

  • Ensure your name, address, and contact information are accurate on your listing
  • Add a short blurb about your business and the services you offer
  • Add photos of your business, team, and projects you’ve completed
  • Respond to any reviews you get on your listing to show you’re engaged and listing to your customers

Why invest in SEO for architects

On the fence about investing in architecture SEO? Here are three big reasons to invest in architecture SEO services:

1. SEO for architects helps drive qualified traffic

When done right, architecture SEO helps your business drive qualified traffic. Because you’re targeting keywords related to your business, you attract people searching those keywords you’re targeting.

As a result, you’re driving traffic you know is interested in hiring a architect (now or in the future).

 2. SEO for architects provides long-term growth

The biggest benefit of investing in SEO is that it provides long-term growth for your business. If you optimize your website to perform well in search results, you will continually drive qualified traffic to your website.

Expert insights from DIGIMEA

Adrian Bartanus – Internet Marketing Specialist

“SEO for architectss is the perfect long-term digital strategy that can build the foundation for all other digital marketing investments. SEO allows you to sit back and watch your customers come to you by improving your presence online and displaying your industry expertise. Architecture can be a highly competitive industry, so investing in SEO and local SEO for architects often gives you the competitive edge you need to succeed online.”

Continuously contributing to boosting your SEO, through optimizations and content creation, will keep the leads flowing and your business growing.

3. SEO for architects boosts business revenue

As a architecture company, your goal is to grow. You want to earn more customers, so you can boost your revenue, grow your team, and experience even more success. With SEO, you can make that possible.

Architecture SEO enables you to continually drive qualified traffic to your website and turn those leads into customers. More customers equals more revenue. It’s a win-win for your architecture business.

What is SEO for Architects?

SEO for architects, or architecture SEO, is the practice of optimizing your website to appear in search results on places like Google and Bing. Architecture SEO includes tactics like researching keywords, writing content, improving page speed, and more.

How does SEO for architects work?

Search engines are the online version of a popularity contest.

Search rankings are based on complex algorithms that look at dozens of different criteria. The sites that rise to the top of those rankings are those that get the most links from other sites and provide the most authoritative information on a subject.

The goal of architecture SEO is to make your architecture company’s website stand out to these search engines. A website must be optimized (or improved) for off-page, on-page, and technical SEO in order to deliver the best search results.

The strategies for SEO are complicated and change frequently, because Google is always updating the algorithm that determines search results.

An SEO “best practice” can become outdated in a matter of months — a good SEO company will stay on top of these trends and keep optimizing your website to increase results.

SEO can include work done to your home website, but it may also include work done on other sites.

For example, your SEO agency may help your company research keywords and create content for those keywords, plus conduct outreach to help your website attract relevant and authoritative links to improve your backlink profile.

Can I do architecture SEO on my own?


There are numerous aspects of architecture SEO you can handle on your own, like creating content or finding architecture keywords.

The real problem is finding the time to learn how to do it and implement it.

When you’re busy trying to manage your customers and emergency calls, SEO often falls to the wayside.

So, yes, you can opt to do it on your own, but keep in mind that it requires continuous upkeep and optimization to maximize results. If you want to reap the benefits of SEO without living a finger, partnering with an SEO agency might be best for you.

Why should I hire Digimea for architecture SEO services?

If you feel you don’t have the time to dedicate to SEO, you can opt to invest in architecture SEO services from an agency. Partnering with a skilled and reputable agency will ensure you reap the benefits of having an SEO strategy without worrying about how to put the SEO strategy in place.

At DIGIMEA, we have over 28 years of experience creating custom SEO campaigns that help businesses like yours grow.

With DIGIMEA, you’ll get:

  • A customized SEO strategy built for your architecture company
  • A team of 500 SEO pros optimizing your campaign
  • Open communication and monthly reporting, so you know what’s happening with your strategy
  • An agency that has experience working with architects

Earn more leads with Architecture SEO

If you’re looking for a little help putting what you’ve learned about SEO to work, trust DIGIMEA. Our team has years of experience assisting architecture companies with a wide range of SEO needs, including optimizing websites, starting local search campaigns, and identifying the right keywords.

If you need help with your architecture SEO, feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote customized to meet your specific needs. We’d love to speak with you to find out how we can help!